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Let's have a conversation.I am here to listen and find out about your needs. And see if and  how I can help you overcome the problems. Join me and ask. I'll be happy to answer your questions and clarify what steps you should take if you decide to work with me.

  • 15 minutes session 
  • Problem discussion
  • Planning suggestion


FAST TRACK HEALTH COACHING ( 6 weeks One to One program)

  • bonus 1 hour full assessment 
  • 6 weekly 1 hour coaching sessions
  • Undivided Attention
  • Personalized  nutrition, exercise and mindset programme 
  • Weekly check up to cover 1 hour video call .


LIFE COACHING ( 6 moths One to One program)

This is a comprehensive programme which will focus on a complete change of your mindset and body. When you feel uncomfortable within yourself and how you live makes you suffer, you need to look deep into yourself and start a remodelling process that will take longer to complete. This change cannot be done overnight. But the results you and those around you will see if you follow the programme will be breathtaking. This programme will also include medical tests, which you must sort by visiting your GP, and written questionnaires and assessments you must complete through the sessions. Understanding how healthy your brain and body are is paramount when you want to change how you live. With a better brain comes a better mind. Your bodily and spiritual health will shine through when a great mind takes ownership. For more details about this programme, let's talk HERE

  • 30 minutes free intro session 
  • 1.5 hours full assessment  
  • Undivided Attention 
  • Programme mapping
  • Personalized programme to include nutrition, exercise and mindset based on circumstances
  • Weekly 1h video sessions for accountability. The time can be split upon mutual agreement and/ or converted into a maximum of 6 sessions of 10 min phone conversations through the week ( 7am-7pm)
  • Daily 5 min check ups each morning & evening  
  • 6 months programme  


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Thank you for being here!

I am super passionate about working with women who are committed to change the way they live. I am so confident that my programs work that I promise you'll get your money back if I don't deliver results. All my coaching services  come with 100% satisfaction guaranteed so book that call and let's chat. 

Can't wait to work with you !

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Ashley Burns, 65 years

“Working with health coach was one of the best decisions of my life. It helps you to follow a programme even when you feel down and the results are showing immediately. I don’t just look good, I feel great – like I have a new lease on life!”

Amanda Styles, 57 years

A health coach knows how to push me and got the best result, my whole body has changed. Now I'm suggesting my colleagues and friends to enroll into it for a fit life and balanced mind.