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Doing it on your own can be Overwhelming

When you don't have good strategy in place

You get stuck

Not knowing where to start 

Waste too much time 

Chasing ideas that don't give results

Often give up 

Thinking is not for you 

People just like you have seen immediate results after working alongside an expert


 helping you get started with confidence in 3 simple steps


Create an online course from scratch FOR FREE  in less than 10 days


Focus to complete all assignments  to launch it at the end of challenge


See the results happen when you  use the right strategy & guidance

  •  Make your mark on the world.

  • start sharing your gifts!

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    Hi, I'm Ribana,

    your guide to becoming a successful EDUPRENEUR.

    I can and will help you craft your course, find your students, and even become the proud owner of an online teaching platform. An online school is the best way to put your passion and knowledge into practice.It will empower you to support others in reaching their goals.While generating a solid income to reward the effort you put in.

    I've got proven methods and experience to get you from idea to launch.

    With 30+ years experience as an entrepreneur and mentor, and over 14 years of teaching, I've got you covered!

    My goal is for you to create an authentic online experience for your students. To make an impact and earn yourself a great living!

    Let's do this !

    How the 10 DAYS CHALLENGE works


    •  Register for the challenge HERE. Requirements for the challenge: computer/laptop with internet, smart phone, pen and paper and a daily commitment of 3 hours (1 hour live, 2 hour for completing the tasks)


    • Join the community  HERE and get familiar with the topics we will be covering before the challenge starts. Get some of the stuff ready so that you have clear goals when attending the challenge.


    • Free up time to attend the daily lives, interact with peers and guide, ask questions whenever you get stuck. Let's brainstorm your way to success. More minds focused on the same outcome perform better than one! 


    Sounds great, but is there a cost involved?

    The 10-Day Course Creation Challenge is completely FREE! We're currently in the beta phase of this program, and I'm looking for passionate creators like you to try it out and give us your valuable feedback. Your insights will help us fine-tune the course before its official launch.


    What is included in the 10-Day Challenge?

    Our 10-Day Challenge provides a step-by-step plan and daily live support to help you build your online course in just 10 days! We'll guide you through everything from defining your ideal student to recording your content and launching it on our platform.

    Is this challenge for beginners?

    Absolutely! This challenge is specifically designed for creators who are new to online course creation, but may be feeling overwhelmed by not knowing where to start. We'll guide you through every step of the process.

    What if I don't have any course ideas or expertise?

    No worries! The challenge will help you identify a profitable niche and brainstorm engaging topics for your course. We'll also help you structure your content for maximum impact.

    What tech do I need to create my course?

    We'll provide a list of essential equipment and software! For those who don't have recording equipment, we can even offer them a guest spot on our eCamm platform! So if your phone has a great camera and you have a good internet connection you can still do it.We'll also train you on basic video editing and uploading.


    Do I need a social media presence before the challenge?

    Not necessarily! If you don't currently have a social media profile, we can help you set one up during the challenge. We'll also teach you how to create engaging posts and build awareness around your upcoming course launch.


    What technical skills are required?

    You don't need to be a tech whiz! Basic computer skills (typing, navigating websites) are essential. We'll introduce you to the tools we use, provide training on the tech side, and be there to help you every step of the way. Most importantly, having the willingness to learn new software is key!


    What is the time commitment for the challenge?

    Expect to dedicate approximately 3-4 hours per day. This includes the live training session (1 hour), plus additional time to create content for your course and complete assignments. Remember, the more time you invest, the faster you'll reach your course creation goals!


    How much daily time commitment is required?

    We understand your time is valuable! The daily live training sessions will be one hour long. Additionally, you'll need to dedicate approximately 2-3 hours per day to complete the assignments and create your course content (depending on your existing content and speed).


    Can the 10-Day Challenge lead to further training opportunities?

    Absolutely! Successful completion of the 10-Day Challenge not only provides you with a finished online course but is also your gateway to our exclusive 30-Day "Build Your Own Online School" Challenge (limited enrollment). In this advanced program, you'll create your own website, platform, and gain the skills to expand your course offerings. Top 3 students from the 10-Day Challenge will receive free training and software access to launch their school!


    What is a Beta program? What does that mean? Why is it free?

     A beta program is essentially a test run of a new product or service. We want to ensure this challenge delivers everything you need to launch your online course with confidence! By offering the beta program for free, we get your real-world experiences and feedback, allowing us to refine the course before its official launch for Β£ 397. This ensures you get the best possible experience at launch, and we get the chance to make the course even better based on your input!


    What if I can't attend all the live sessions?

    Don't worry! We'll record all the live sessions and make them available for replay later. You'll also have access to a dedicated support channel for any questions that arise.As long as you complete the assignments and send them to us in time for revision it will be fine.We want you to successed and have your course ready to sell at the end of the challenge.


    Why is the participant number limited to 20?

    We want to ensure you receive the personalized support you need to succeed! Limiting the number of participants allows us to provide in-depth feedback and guidance throughout the challenge.


    What are the benefits of joining the challenge?

    In just 10 days, you'll have your first online course ready to launch. But it doesn't end there! Successful graduates have the opportunity to join our exclusive 30-Day Challenge to build their own online school! You'll master website creation, advanced features, and learn how to scale your business. Top performers earn prizes, including free software and personalized support to establish their online education empire!


    What types of courses can I create with your guidance?

    Our program is designed to help you create a successful online course regardless of your area of expertise! We'll guide you through the planning, organization, technology, and marketing aspects.

    Remember: You're responsible for creating engaging and accurate content within your chosen niche. Our expertise is in helping you transform your ideas into a well-structured, professional, and successful online course.


    What happens after the challenges are complete?

    We're here to support you long-term! You'll have access to our community forum for ongoing questions and be eligible for future programs offering advanced marketing and business strategies. Our goal is to help you build a thriving, sustainable online school.


    Is there a refund policy?

    We believe in our program and its potential to transform your knowledge into a profitable online business! While we don't offer refunds for our free challenges we want to ensure you're a good fit before starting.We really do not want you to feel you are not in the right page with the rest of the group. That's why we offer 15 minutes free consultation to help with this decision. You can book your consultation by clicking HERE


    Where can I host my course?

    The course you create will be uploaded onto our user-friendly platform, giving you access to a built-in audience and marketing tools. You can also leverage our existing free courses as lead generators for your own students.


    What happen if I decide not to complete the challenge??

    Life happens, and we understand that sometimes things come up! If you decide the challenge isn't right for you, that's absolutely okay. However, to be fair to those who are fully committed, we ask that you let us know, as places are limited. This ensures someone ready to take full advantage of the opportunity can benefit from the available spot.

    Please note that if you choose not to complete the first challenge, you won't be eligible for the free second challenge, which is reserved for those who demonstrate commitment and successfully complete the initial course creation process. But you will be welcomed to join the paid option.


    Is it mandatory to upload the course I create to your platform after the challenge?

    While we're excited to offer our platform as an easy solution to get your course online, it's absolutely not compulsory! You retain full ownership of your content. Here's how it works:

    • Option 1: Upload and Sell: If you'd like to take advantage of our built-in audience and features, we'll happily host your course after it's complete. This offers a fast track to selling your course with no website or additional platform costs.
    • Option 2: Keep Your Creation: We understand some creators may already have a preferred platform or want to launch at a later date. You' will own your content and can use it as you wish! You'll have all the course materials you've developed during the challenge.

    Unlock YOUR TRUE earning potential by teaching online.

    Build A Course. Launch Your School. Grow To Success.

    Make a difference.

    what students say about working with me

    Grainne P

    β€œFor those who are really serious about entrepreneurship I would πŸ’― say to do even just one course with Ribana will be so worth it. I see Ribana as a mentor for life. I always look forward to her posts, courses and the new business programme is a total must to any aspiring entrepreneur  as part of your tool kit!! it’s always a great help to have someone like Ribana to consult. So if you are in the trade I would recommend the academy with bells on. Everyone needs a Ribana in their life. πŸ’šβ€

    Louise H

    I have just completed a 9 day course with Ribana and I have learned so much and have enjoyed every minute. Ribana is incredibly knowledgeable and patient, a fabulous instructor who is generous in in encouraging others and sharing her tips. 100% recommend.
    Thanks Ribana

    Coco  S

    Thanks Ribana for a brilliant experience! I really enjoyed it and will be back again for future courses!
    This was a really informative and enjoyable session that has given me confidence !

    Priti S

    Ribana is an excellent professional, it was a pleasure to learn from her. The class was well prepared and organised. I would happily do another workshop with her. Keep going Ribana! U r exceptional in your knowledge and the support you provide

    Real support.

    Clear goals .

    Great results.



    Schedule of live sessions during the challenge

    Day 1

    Monday 7-8 pm

    DAY 1 : Set Your Focus 

    Establish Your Niche, Ideal Student To Transform Your Expertise into a Profitable Course Idea.

    Day 2

    Tuesday 7 -8 pm

    DAY 2: Connect With Your Audience
    Build Your Social Media Presence and Start Attracting Your Future Students.
    Day 3

    Wednesday 7 -8 pm

    DAY 3: Craft Your Marketing Message
    Create 10 Compelling Social Posts to Generate Excitement for Your Upcoming Course.Automate .
    Day 4

    Thursday 7 -8 pm

    DAY 4: Outline Your Masterpiece
    Structure Your Course Content and Plan Your Lessons for Maximum Impact.
    Day 5

    Friday 7-8 pm

    DAY 5: Lights, Camera, Action!
    Learn & Record Your Video And Audio Content.Amplify Your Marketing .Reels For Engagement.
    Day 6

    Monday 7-8 pm

    DAY 6 : Lights, Camera, Action!
    Learn & Record Your Video and Audio Content.Amplify Your Marketing .Reels For Engagement.
    Day 7

    Tuesday 7 -8 pm

    DAY 7 : The Power Of Resources
    Enhance Your Course With Downloadables, Workbooks or Additional Educational Materials.
    Day 8

    Wednesday 7-8  pm

    DAY 8 : Showcase Your Expertise
    Build A Compelling Sales Page And Highlight Your Unique Instructor Profile.
    Day 9

    Thursday 7-8  pm

    DAY 9: Final Touches
    Polish, Proofread, And Prepare Your Course For Launch.
    Day 10

    Friday  7-8 pm

    DAY 10 : Launch Day Celebration!
    Review, Revise, And Launch Your Course With Confidence.


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    Nina B
    Nina B
    I can't recommend Ribana enough! Before working with Ribana ,I was feeling overwhelmed, stuck, unclear on direction.She helped me develop a clear strategy, overcome roadblocks, improve my understanding on starting my business. I have found Ribana a true expert in business strategy, marketing, leadership. She is also patient, encouraging, insightful she really took the time to understand my unique business and challenges, and then created a personalized coaching plan to help me achieve my goals. Ribana provided me with valuable tools and resources that I am continuing to use today. She is a Gem
    Nkem Onwuka
    Nkem Onwuka
    I enrolled on a 10 day course creation challenge with Ribana. Ribana really guides you with expert knowledge on how to choose the right topic, how to create a course that will resonate with your target audience and how to market your course. She is there every step of the way encouraging and motivating you. I'm amazed at the creativity Ribana squeezed out of me; skills I wasn't aware that I had. Thank you Ribana for all your expert guidance and your continuous support. Because of you I now have a course.
    Sandra Dumas
    Sandra Dumas
    I never imagined I could make a mini-course, especially in 10 days and with limited tech knowledge. Ribana explained everything in an easy-to-understand way, making it simple to follow. She not only helped me get organised but also made suggestions and was very encouraging through out the process.She also has the patience of an angel. Ribana helped me overcome my anxiety of creating something new and I am glad I stepped out of my confidence zone. So if you are thinking of starting an online course, I highly recommend Ribana – You will get guidance and benefit from her years of expertise!
    Tanya Mills
    Tanya Mills
    Ribana is an excellent teacher, warm and engaging and informative. Cannot recommend her highly enough.
    grainne phillips
    grainne phillips
    I always wanted a career in baking so went to catering college to Make my dreams come true, however due to unforeseen circumstances and other commitments things changed. 25 years later the urge never went away but the confidence sure did. I really wanted to turn my passion into a business so I thought the first step would be to upskill so Through trawling through so many courses online as well as considering going back to college none seemed to be what I was looking for so when I came across the Academy it was so exciting a diverse range of courses for the newbie right up to the highly experienced and best of all options for 1-1 learning. With Ribana I got more than juts a certificate at the end of the week. She gave me confidence that I never had. Belief in my ability and enabled me to believe that my vision could become a reality!! That is priceless. What I love about Ribana is her straight talking honesty on business, and how to achieve your dream if your willing to put in the graft. She has this fantastic ability to make you give your self a good shake and get the job done. Her passion and depth of knowledge is inspiring and her work ethic is juts fantastic. For those who are really serious about a career in baking I would πŸ’― say to do even just one course with Ribana will be so worth it. I see Ribana as a mentor for life. I always look forward to her posts, courses and the new business programme is a total must to any baker as part of your tool kit!! it’s always a great help to have someone like Ribana to consult. So if you are in the trade I would recommend the academy with bells on. Everyone needs a Ribana in their life. πŸ’šπŸŽ‚
    Chris Pinner
    Chris Pinner
    Thank you again for everything you did last week it went brilliantly and was a lot of positive feedback


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