Are you a WOMAN who loves being in action?

Do you feel that you've got what it takes to make a difference?

                 Are you committed to continuing investing in yourself and develop personally?                     


*Do you need help to IDENTIFY the source of a problem which keeps you up at night? 

*Do you want to learn how to run a profitable business and don't know where to start? 

*Do you want to improve your tech skills and need some support?

 My promise to you is to place all my skills at your service and help you succeed using my 3 steps method

 Pin, Plan, Play 

Women have the power to build and raise families! Starting and growing a business should be just a piece of cake!

A personal note to you dear Woman

Today's access to technology is life-changing and can help you do more, better and quicker, but nothing compares to a lifetime experience's wisdom. You've been through so much and gained many skills.Imagine putting them all at work: Skills, Wisdom and Technology!They will produce the unimaginable! No doubts.Dare to step forward and invest in you.Be an example for generations to come.Do you need to figure out where to start? Join our network now and find support and accountability from women with the same mindset as yours!

My PinPlanPlay coaching method is meant to help you THRIVE.

                                                                                  With love 

                                                                             from another Woman


  • Schedule a time to talk. Have your questions ready.It will help you get the best of our Zoom chat
  • Identify the real problem you are confronting and make a plan to get is sorted. Having me as a dedicated guide 
  • Enroll for the appropriate PPP programme, follow it to the heart and see the unbelievable results  

Pin Plan Play


Let's show the world what women like US are capable of 

Women are born to bringing life into the world

that's I will call super-power

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Personal statement


I don't fancy the ordinary. It ruins creativity. Instead, I work to be excellent with imagination and inspiration. I love challenges. Each morning for me looks like a new beginning. I wake up excited to start working on new ideas and continue pushing boundaries. Progress is more important than being perfect. People can do anything if they care for their minds, bodies, and souls. I'm bursting with ideas and striving to share them with others, presenting them in an easy & simple, approachable way.
People who make a difference in the world motivate me, and I would love to be helpful to others too. I stay genuine, passionate, and energetic, even when challenges get in the way.
I aim to help people change their lives by improving their skills, motivation, self-understanding and thinking.
I love my family and firmly believe it is my biggest accomplishment. Whatever I will achieve from now on by helping or inspiring others will be a bonus.
I adore my grandchildren and am grateful for the privilege and honour of being one of the "bio-scientists" behind their existence.
I want them to be proud and take me as an example. To work hard, be authentic, humble and helpful. To inspire and motivate those looking to become better with every day.

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