It is surprising how our memory doesn't go back that far to bring out memories from when we were just 2-3 years old.
That is the only period of life when whatever we say or do is innocent 100%.
The only time in life when we feel happy with the way we are.
Without giving a dam about how we look or what we eat as long as we get some food. We get and give love unconditionally just because we are. Even when we cause trouble, we receive understanding and appreciation no matter what we do. A trembling leaf can make us laugh, and a worm in the soil is taken as a lifetime friend.
Indeed the human mind tends not to remember the good stuff. We always prioritise bad memories and things which happen to us that we are not happy about. Can that be why those sweet memories get buried deep into our souls?
How would it be to try and recover them? And for at least one minute every day to bring that innocence and joy back into our life?
At least to get into that mindset of seeing the good around us and trusting that we are loved and appreciated unconditionally.
That will be a life-changing practice.
Those thoughts came into my mind while listening to
Jeff Warren ( Daily trip-Calm)

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