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Brain storming within a group of people who aim to reach the same goal is always a recipe to success.

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Nathan M.

Priti Sharma
Priti Sharma
Ribana is an excellent professional, it was a pleasure to learn from her. The class was well prepared and organised. I would happily do another workshop with her. Keep going Ribana! U r exceptional in your knowledge and the support you provide.
Ribana was amazing and very patient with me during the course, I learned a lot and i’m very pleased with my experience. I would definitely recommend to anyone who loves baking and decorating.
Tudy-Anb Lewis
Tudy-Anb Lewis
Thank you for your masterful class
Diane Sheppard
Diane Sheppard
As a member of Potters Bar SugarArt Club I have just watched a demonstration by Ribana. She made Jemima Puddleduck; it was a very interesting, informative and entertaining demonstration. Thank you Ribana - we are looking forward to seeing some more of your work.
Gemma thompson
Gemma thompson
Great demo thank you
coco susanto
coco susanto
Thanks Ribana for a brilliant experience! I really enjoyed it and will be back again for future courses! This was a really informative and enjoyable session that has given me the confidence to make my own chocolate and experiment with different designs! Thank you so much!
grainne phillips
grainne phillips
I have been baking for a long time and needed to improve my skills and confidence. If not for Ribana I would never have been able to take things up a level. Her industry knowledge is priceless and I am so thankful to be able to have her as a mentor. She is very patient and is so methodical in her approach to teaching. What I love about the Academy is the 1-1 learning options aswell as online courses. With any industry you’re always learning so it is fantastic that Ribana is on the ball offering so many courses and sharing her advice. If you’re traveling to the academy as I did, it is well worth the journey regardless of how far. It’s worth every penny! You will never meet another person as wonderful as her ❤️❤️