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  • Dedicate Your Talent To Solve People's Problems
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  • Be the owner not the slave of your Enterprise

 I am ready to perform at the best of my abilities & place my skill at your service.

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Running A Business To Love & Living An Enjoyable Life

Why I do what I do

  • I love helping YOU thrive.
  • YOUR success is the purpose of my entrepreneurial journey. 

This meaning is the source of the energy, power and inspiration I require to start and spend every day focusing on helping business owners like YOU living a better LIFE.

 How I do it

Premium support

Each business is different and I am here ready to offer a fully personalized support

Step by step guidance

The journey of entrepreneurship is tough but a qualified guide makes the steps easy to follow

community access

Brain storming within a group of people who aim to reach the same goal is always a recipe to success.

Running a business in our days without having an website it is

mission impossible .

An attempt to ride a bike on a motorway. INSANE.

 I help business owners like YOU to elevate their online presence and make it look professional.

I build websites using marketing strategies specifically designed to convert visitors into clients.

Take the first step to start building the Story Brand website right now!


Start the transformation now by using those amazing free tools. Take the pulse of your business and find out in minutes what problems you should address first.

Those who tell the STORY rule the society


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“My website needed a major overhaul. My StoryBrand Certified Guide walked me through the process and made my website something I was proud of. My online sales are the highest they’ve ever been.

Hilary W.

“This year, we partnered with a StoryBrand Certified Agency on two digital projects. The results have been literally beautiful and fruitful for our business..”

Nathan M.

Nina B
Nina B
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I can't recommend Ribana enough! Before working with Ribana ,I was feeling overwhelmed, stuck, unclear on direction.She helped me develop a clear strategy, overcome roadblocks, improve my understanding on starting my business. I have found Ribana a true expert in business strategy, marketing, leadership. She is also patient, encouraging, insightful she really took the time to understand my unique business and challenges, and then created a personalized coaching plan to help me achieve my goals. Ribana provided me with valuable tools and resources that I am continuing to use today. She is a Gem
Nkem Onwuka
Nkem Onwuka
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I enrolled on a 10 day course creation challenge with Ribana. Ribana really guides you with expert knowledge on how to choose the right topic, how to create a course that will resonate with your target audience and how to market your course. She is there every step of the way encouraging and motivating you. I'm amazed at the creativity Ribana squeezed out of me; skills I wasn't aware that I had. Thank you Ribana for all your expert guidance and your continuous support. Because of you I now have a course.
Sandra Dumas
Sandra Dumas
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I never imagined I could make a mini-course, especially in 10 days and with limited tech knowledge. Ribana explained everything in an easy-to-understand way, making it simple to follow. She not only helped me get organised but also made suggestions and was very encouraging through out the process.She also has the patience of an angel. Ribana helped me overcome my anxiety of creating something new and I am glad I stepped out of my confidence zone. So if you are thinking of starting an online course, I highly recommend Ribana – You will get guidance and benefit from her years of expertise!
Tanya Mills
Tanya Mills
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Ribana is an excellent teacher, warm and engaging and informative. Cannot recommend her highly enough.
grainne phillips
grainne phillips
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I always wanted a career in baking so went to catering college to Make my dreams come true, however due to unforeseen circumstances and other commitments things changed. 25 years later the urge never went away but the confidence sure did. I really wanted to turn my passion into a business so I thought the first step would be to upskill so Through trawling through so many courses online as well as considering going back to college none seemed to be what I was looking for so when I came across the Academy it was so exciting a diverse range of courses for the newbie right up to the highly experienced and best of all options for 1-1 learning. With Ribana I got more than juts a certificate at the end of the week. She gave me confidence that I never had. Belief in my ability and enabled me to believe that my vision could become a reality!! That is priceless. What I love about Ribana is her straight talking honesty on business, and how to achieve your dream if your willing to put in the graft. She has this fantastic ability to make you give your self a good shake and get the job done. Her passion and depth of knowledge is inspiring and her work ethic is juts fantastic. For those who are really serious about a career in baking I would 💯 say to do even just one course with Ribana will be so worth it. I see Ribana as a mentor for life. I always look forward to her posts, courses and the new business programme is a total must to any baker as part of your tool kit!! it’s always a great help to have someone like Ribana to consult. So if you are in the trade I would recommend the academy with bells on. Everyone needs a Ribana in their life. 💚🎂
Chris Pinner
Chris Pinner
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Thank you again for everything you did last week it went brilliantly and was a lot of positive feedback