Every day of our life brings an opportunity for a new start. It is not always about making a radical change. Often can be just a minor replacement of an old habit with a new one. 

Even patterns we've built over time and considered healthy and beneficial to us, have to be adjusted or changed as we grow.

Our habits should evolve with us. And should mould their effects to embrace the stage of life we are living.

If waking up at 7 am  was a great habit while we used to be in school, that will not be a great one when turning 30 or 40 or 50.

Mornings are usually the moments when we can enjoy silence and we can dedicate attention to ourselves with ease. We should make this period of the day the most enjoyable time.

We set a strong foundation for a good relationship with ourselves when we care about our mind, body and soul, even for a few minutes.

When we give our body a good start by hydrating it, our mind a moment of calm and our spirit a boost by starting the day with appreciation and love for ourselves, we fill up with all is needed to win the day.

Each day we start with calmness with no prejudice and desires, just with the thought and willingness to live the day trying to be a better person than one we've been the day before takes us closer to the ideal situation when all we feel, think, and action have the same source.

Instead of spreading ourselves thin, trying to be something we are not, mixing feelings and thoughts but performing as required, we should aim to reach the ideal scenario when what we feel, think and how we act are aligned and have the same source.

Reaching the stage involves an enormous amount of work, and we can only achieve the results we hope for if with discipline we take daily small steps towards the reaching the supreme goal which is nothing else than being at peace with ourselves.

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