Last thought I had before going to bed and first when I woke up this morning was to try and give myself some credit. 

I've worked hard over the last 3 years on personal development.

I realized that without knowing myself, I would be unable to change things. And I wanted/ needed the change. 

After reading a lot ( I mean an insane amount of books on personal development) and listening to what others have to say, I somehow managed to redirect my mind from the

 "Anyway, there is not that much left to live" to 

" I have so many things to share no matter how long I'll live for. It will not be enough time to share all that I've learned".

So went from one extreme to the other!

What I'm confronted with right now is that despite my strong ability to think (ha! ha! I'm a FIVE! bet you guessed that !) can't stick to a realistic schedule!There is so much to learn about!

I wake up excited every day, and by the end, I get frustrated for not accomplishing everything I had on the list! 

Yes, I know I'm overloading my workdays!! In fact, all my days are workdays. There is no space left for something else. Everything I do is work-related!

After a deep conversation with my coach yesterday, I promised to lighten my schedule over the next 2 weeks and see what happens if I try to stick to a 12 h work schedule instead of a 16 !!

Wish me good luck !!

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