How often do we get lost in doing things just for the sake of staying active? Pretending all we do is important and has to be done.

Stephan Covey said it nicely.

"The key is not to prioritize what's in our schedule but to schedule priorities."

The way to be productive and efficient is to take time to create a pattern and adopt it as a routine.

When we do, think and hear repeatedly the same actions, same thoughts, and same words, we get so good at executing, trusting, and believing that everything feels effortless and natural to us.

That is why knowing what we aim to achieve is extremely important. We can establish the paths to walk on based on the results we want to get. The results will follow inevitability as effects of our actions.

It is so simple once we understand the principle. All we have to do is to eliminate the noise and think clearly.

Pin the problem we want to solve

Plan the action by learning what tools, equipment and consumables are needed. 

Play the part by acting with discipline to succeed.

Once the cycle completes, we must change the goal. And repeat. 

  • PIN: set your goal (ONE AT THE TIME)
  • PLAN: what are the three things which can help you get there (THREE, NOT MORE)

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